Client Briefs

Litigation – We serve as special strategic communications counsel to counsel-of-record in high profile, often precedent-setting civil and criminal cases in State and Federal jurisdictions. Current cases include Federal civil rights and labor relations issues.

Safety and Security – Serving as strategic communications counsel, frequently and currently prepare crisis communications plans and lead training exercises across public and private sectors.  Presently consult the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis & Response (ISTAR) in conjunction with several initiatives, including the Global Compact for Infectious Diseases.

Naming Names

Due to NDA’s, frequently we cannot disclose the identity of our client. This is especially true in certain litigation and security-related matters. However, we are pleased to point out the following clients for whom we proudly provide or have recently provided strategic communications services:

  • Among the nation’s largest comprehensive law firms
  • ELA, the global employment law consortium
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Habitat for Humanity
    (with Langhorne Carpet Co.)
  •  St. Christopher’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  •  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  •  University of Pennsylvania / ISTAR